On Monday 15 September we kicked off the fourth course on project management at the Royal Conservatoire, The Hague. Unlike the years before, we chose to start with a game in which each individual student may find his or her capacities (see picture). This might prove very useful for a course where half of the work is done in groups and balancing them is crucial for their success.

During the course students learn to create, set up, present and execute (educational) projects. This includes making publicity, creating budgets and fund raising. This is the fourth run since the start of this course which I set up together with Babette Greiner in 2011, and we are still perfecting it. The schedule and approach of the subject require special attention for occupied music students who, many times, find it very hard to think in a non-musical (i.e.businesslike) manner.

In our second class we start with creating websites by each individual student. They include a biography, post  assignments and shall present his or her project.
The course runs yearly from September to March and includes talented students from the classical, jazz, early music and sonology departments.